Will Shiba Inu (SHIB) hit a new ATH in June?

A new hope arises for the Shiba Inu

Clearly, the market is still reporting reversals today! While Bitcoin’s rise seems to be limited to crypto experts, they now believe that the Shiba Inu could be poised for a major rally.

SHIB trader Knight, whose predictions almost always bring luck to the same coins, says that SHIB could reach $0.0001 this month. It would also be the ideal threshold to end any downtrend for good.

Source: SHIB Knight X account

While that vision seems out of reach right now, SHIB Knight isn’t the only expert who saw the new Shiba Inu HUD back in June. Analyst Eunice Wong also confirms that the small dog piece is in for a bull run.

Similarly, from a more measured perspective, WebTrend Analytics seems to think that Shiba Inu could sustainably rally to $0.000045 in the coming days.

Source: WebTrend Analytics X account
Shiba Inu

However, several trends oppose the increase

Several experts are talking about a possible turnaround in the Shiba Inu trend, but that doesn’t mean it will happen immediately. On the contrary, for now all the signs of a new fall remain present.

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Since the beginning of the week, negative indicators have multiplied around the same corner and dropped below $0.000024, a threshold that must not be crossed to avoid further decline. U.Today also believes that several supports could be broken in the coming days.

shiba inu lessons
Source: SHIB price according to CoinMarketCap

Finally, note that both network growth and SHIB circulation volume are currently declining. So investors and whales seem to have turned away from the asset.

Moral of the story: an outlet must be prepared for the Shiba Inu first.


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