To 4 years of dictatorship since November?

The election of Donald Trump in November could plunge America into bloody internal chaos. He is about to wage an all-out war against American institutions: from the military to the justice system! Are we headed for an American dictatorship?

trump dictator

Trump condemned

Few days ago, Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies in New York. All charges relate to falsifying business records. Basically Donald Trump slept with a porn star, had his lawyer pay the porn star to keep quiet, and then presented the payments as legal fees to keep the matter out of the public eye. After the ruling, Mr. Trump will begin a lengthy appeals process.

It may seem like a minor offense, but New York State takes it seriously, it’s actually a misdemeanor that is quite common to be prosecuted for. There is also no doubt that Trump committed this crime.

unloved Trump

On the other hand, Trump supporters are probably right that the vigor and zeal with which prosecutors pursued the case was probably at least partly due to to the fact that Trump is a prominent politician they don’t like.

Prosecutors have wide discretion in choosing which cases to pursue, and it’s hard to believe Trump’s notoriety hasn’t made him a bigger target. This is a common phenomenon in democratic countries.

In 2016, Trump and his supporters pushed for Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted for using a public email server for private purposes and/or for allegedly misusing her charitable foundation for private purposes.

Trump supporters chant “Lock her up!” » they clearly wanted exactly the type of politically motivated prosecution they now accuse Trump’s opponents of.

Trump, will he be jailed soon?

In addition to Trump’s impeachment and impeachment, this is just one of four cases he is accused of in four different courts:

  • He is being prosecuted in Florida for mishandling government files
  • He is being prosecuted in Washington for conspiring to prevent the transfer of power after the 2020 elections.
  • He is being prosecuted in Georgia for racketeering in order to overturn the results of the 2020 election in that state.

The last two charges are very serious, far more serious than the manipulation of government records or the secret payments for which Trump was just convicted.

They say the evidence against Trump is stronger in those three cases than the one he was just convicted of. So it can be expected that there will be many more such cases.

The fall of Nixon

As a reminder, The Watergate scandal eventually forced Richard Nixon to resign. It was an event religiously watched day after day by fans glued to their television sets, but simply ignored by most Americans.

The United States just experienced decades of social and political unrest. They had the “awakening” movement., alt-right, BLM, I also.

They had Trump 2016, Bernie vs. Hillary, Charlottesville, housing KavanaughTHE Covidgeorge floyd unrestTHE January 6th.

So America is tired.

In 1973, Americans were also very tired. They have just experienced nine years of riots, anti-war protests, assassinations, sexual revolution, rising crime, etc..

And yet, without Nixon’s resignation, it is not certain that the Reagan revolution would have happened. By 1980, Watergate was all but forgotten—a minor issue that the nation agreed to put behind it.

The most controversial president of the mid-20th century, who sparked so much protest on both sides, has been relegated to a footnote. Forgetting the bitter division that surrounded Nixon allowed Ronald Reagan for being largely a unifying force in American society, an agent of recovery from burnout.

This is how conservatives have dominated American politics for decades.

Towards a conservative revolution

It is not yet clear whether Trump’s indictments and convictions will have a major impact on the 2024 election.

It’s also possible that Trump’s conviction — especially if he’s convicted of some of the most serious crimes for which he’s being prosecuted — will generate a lot of his supporters to disengage from politics and give the election to Biden.

Polls show that Trump supporters are already, on average, more disinterested in politics than Biden supporters. Persuasion could reinforce this perception.

But ironically, if the lawsuits succeed in removing Trump from the public eye in the same way that Watergate removed Nixon, it will go a long way toward heralding a new conservative revolution in America.

There are many reasons why Americans are ready for an era of more conservative governance and social attitudes.

Into 4 years of chaos?

All principles together, it is abundantly clear that Trump is devoting most of his energy to fighting against American institutions that he sees as rivals for power.

First and foremost, there would be litigation. Sitting presidents enjoy legal immunity for acts they performed as president, but it is unclear whether they have immunity for actions they have taken outside the presidency.

This would certainly be the subject of bitter, public and protracted legal battles.

as president Trump will almost certainly try to pardon all crimes – something he has openly talked about on several occasions.

If the Supreme Court were to grant such a pardon, it would mean the president is effectively above the law; he can murder someone in the street and get pardoned for it.

It would likely destroy confidence in the Supreme Court and raise serious questions about whether the president is merely an elected dictator.

Will the United States become a dictatorship?

But self-pity wouldn’t even solve all of Trump’s legal problems. Presidents cannot grant pardons only for federal crimes, and many of Trump’s indictments are for state crimes.

In order to get out of this, it would probably be necessary another Supreme Court ruling that the president is immune from state prosecution.

But if the Supreme Court were to let Trump’s conviction stand, the latter would almost certainly trigger a constitutional crisis in response, either by defying the court or attempting to use presidential power to weaken it.

And more generally, Trump would respond to court proceedings with a massive public pressure campaign against the American legal systemmuch like his “Stop the Steal” campaign against the electoral system.

Trump, the American pariah?

The fact that one of the two men is likely to be president next year is now a convicted felon suggests the possibility that these same judicial institutions that guarantee the rule of law, fthey are the subject of the most ferocious political attack in American history.

We can expect that Trump is using the Republican Party for the rest of the campaign to destroy the judicial system.

All of this, in turn, will cause outrage among everyone on the left of the political spectrum. The internal battles for Palestine will be forgotten because half the nation unites and refocuses on fighting the dictatorial president.

There will be marches in the streetsmaybe unrest. There will certainly be a large-scale attempt to use all remaining institutional power to do so to oust Trump from his perch.

It would be as if Nixon refused to resign, was impeached and convicted, and refused to leave office, while retaining a slim majority of public support. History rhymes, but it is not guaranteed to repeat itself.

Will Trump weaken the United States?

Remember that while all this is going on, China and Russia are watching everything that happens here and are waiting with bated breath.

If the United States descends into internal chaos for four years, Asia will likely be subjugated to the Chinese Communist Party, while Europe will be left to the mercy of the Chinese-backed Russian Empire until the United States eventually emerges from this chaos. they find themselves face to face with a planet largely controlled by their enemies, with dire consequences for the rest of this century.

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