Stock market: Wall Street starts the last session of the year very slightly in the green

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MARKET OVERVIEW. The final session of the year started very mildly in the green on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange, with the Dow Jones trading at a record high while the S&P 500 is also near an all-time high.

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Stock market indices at the open

in toronto, S&P/TSX rose by +22.51 points (+0.11%) to 20,951.89 points.

In New York, S&P 500 rose by +3.51 points (+0.07%) to 4,786.86 points.

THE Nasdaq gained +11.15 points (+0.07%) to 15,106.28 points.

THE DOW gained +18.30 points (+0.05%) to 37,728.40 points.

THE stud down $0.0009 (-0.1140%) to $0.7551.

THE oil rose +$0.72 (+1.00%) to $72.49.

L’gold down $-13.70 (-0.66%) to $2,069.80.

THE bitcoin reported an increase of +$421.70 (+0.99%) to $43,124.32.


More details will follow.

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