Stock market: Exosens makes sensational debut this Friday!

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Eddie S.

In a world where security and technology go hand in hand, Exosens, formerly known as Photonis, is making a significant entry into the financial market. This French company, which specializes in the intensification of light, has announced its listing on the Paris Stock Exchange, marking a decisive turning point in its history.

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Exosens will do its big IPO this Friday!

On the long-awaited Friday, Exosens launched its initial public offering (IPO) on the Paris Stock Exchange with a share price set at €20, aiming to raise a total of €300 million. This large-scale financial transaction aims to support the company’s growth and finance future acquisitions to integrate complementary technologies into its activities.

The Exosens IPO is a key event for HLD Group, the European fund that controls the company. After its sale to US Teledyn was blocked by the French state in the name of national sovereignty, this IPO represents a confirmation of Exosens’ independence and ambitions on the international stage.

Bpifrance Participations is also expected to play a significant role with a planned stake of 4.5% of the capital after the IPO. This proves the confidence of institutional investors in the growth potential of Exosens.

A French company at the cutting edge of technology!

Exosens excels in the defense sector with its cutting-edge technologies that make visible what the human eye misses. Its light intensifier tubes are essential for devices such as night vision binoculars, an essential tool for military and surveillance operations.

The company has seen impressive growth with revenues of €319 million in 2023 and an Ebitda margin of 29%. Thanks to its IPO and a favorable market outlook, Exosens expects organic growth of its business in 2024 at the upper end of the 15-20% range and an overall increase in its turnover of around 30%.

In short, the arrival of Exosens on the Paris Stock Exchange is a strong signal for the defense sector and for the French economy. With a clear strategy and innovative technology, Exosens is well positioned to navigate the complex stock market environment and continue to offer advanced security solutions for a safer world.

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