Shiba Inu Crypto: Buckle up for a wild June!

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Micaiah A.

SHIB traders, get ready for a roller coaster ride this June! The latest analysis reveals a bleak outlook for your favorite cryptocurrencies. With surprising market moves and falling indicators, it’s time to prepare for potential turbulence. Here’s a detailed look at upcoming events for the Shiba Inu (SHIB).

A Shiba Inu clings to a tree in the middle of a cyclone

Shiba Inu: fall of hope

The month of June is off to a chaotic start for Shiba Inu, a crypto meme adored by many investors hungry for million dollar profits. AMBCrypto experts have noted a significant change that could put holders in a tricky situation.

An in-depth analysis using Glassnode shows this SHIB’s net trading position was positive as of June 1with 2.60 trillion tokens exchanged.

It means that many tokens were sent to crypto exchangescreates selling pressure.

Historically, such pressure often leads to drop in pricesand SHIB seems to be no exception. After a period of stagnation in April and May, where the price remained stablean increase in supply on stock exchanges could indicate another impending decline.

At the time of writing, SHIB was trading at $0.00002497 down 6.49% over the past 90 days. A continuation of this trend could lead the price to reach the $0.000020 level.

Falling demand for SHIB crypto

Another indicator of interest in SHIB is grow your network. This metric that measures the number of new addresses interacting with the popular American memecoin for the first timerecently fell.

Change in net foreign exchange position of SHIB – Source – Glassnode

According to Santiment data, this decline began after that peak on May 29, which signals a drop in network reception. Slow network growth often means less traction and interest in crypto Shiba Inuwhich could further create negative pressure on SHIB’s price.

Addition, SHIB daily circulationanother key metric, was 965.89 billion at the time of writing. Lower circulation means fewer transactions and therefore the demand for the token has decreased. Without a significant increase in demand, it seems unlikely that SHIB will be able to recover quickly.

Some analysts suggest that for a recovery to occur, the demand for SHIB would have to be spectacularwhich could push the price back to $0.000030.

As June progresses, SHIB holders should brace themselves for potential market fluctuations. With key indicators pointing to increased selling pressure and declining demand, the SHIB price may see further correction. However, as always in the cryptocurrency world, a spectacular reversal can never be ruled out.

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