ROSE, the crypto AI that will rule the markets in June?

ROSE will shake up the cryptosphere

The beginning of a new month means the rise of new cryptocurrencies. Some already seem destined for a new ATH in June, while others reappear in the headlines without warning. Oasis (ROSE) is one of them and can prepare a real surprise!

The native altcoin of the Oasis protocol, a privacy-based blockchain offering its services to the AI ​​sector, has been around for over three years. However, it is now buzzing after gaining 20% ​​of its value since the start of the week.

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Source: ROSE weekly price according to CoinMarketCap

A craze that may be linked to Oasis Labs’ new partnership with Google Cloud, which will allow the former to run its analytics product on the latter.

Source: Oasis X account

Likewise, while crypto AI is still waiting for the revival so promised after NVIDIA’s latest announcements, ROSE stands out today as the new leader in the sector. With 10% gained overnight, the token ranks first among the most bullish AI tokens at the moment.

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What to expect next?

Looks like the upswing for PINK is just getting started. Actually, today’s surge could only be a harbinger of the bull run to come as the token’s volume only increases. It even doubled over the weekend!

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However, this crypto AI is in a key position right now. Indeed, it will need to cross $0.12 before reaching new highs. A retracement seems possible, although analysts are counting on a rise without too much trouble to $0.13 and then $0.17.

Source: GONZO X account

Then? Experts like CoinCodex predict that Oasis will be close to $0.30 by the end of June.

Moral of the story: for PINK, it’s more beautiful to try to go up than to be at the top.


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