Meme Coins: Explosive Week Coming, Who To Bet On?

An unexpected event revives the same corner

Obviously, meme coins continue to make headlines in cryptocurrency. The explosion of Donald Trump tokens has created a lot of buzz and has made certain assets among the top winners at the start of the year. It looks like another increase is on the way this week, this time a general one.

After boosting GameStop ( GME ) stock last month, trader RoaringKitty has struck again. He recently tweeted the reversed Uno card, indicating a reversal in the trend.

Source: Roaring Kitty’s X account

In the process, he also disclosed a $200 million position in GameStop, which moved the same GME coin by 250% overnight..

gme course
Source: GME price according to CoinMarketCap

The last time such a phenomenon occurred, more of the same horns followed. Experts expect the same scenario to repeat itself this week, with safe values ​​like FLOKI, DOGE, WIF, PEPE, SHIB and BONK favored.

Source: Scofield’s account of X

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the same corners

Some chips are already sticking out

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the most talked about token this week.. DOGE is currently attracting the attention of investors with a massive influx of $110 million invested by whales over the past four days.

Source: Ali’s X account

This massive investment signals renewed interest in an asset that has lagged behind other meme coins during recent gains. Here, too, analysts expect a significant turnaround in the coming days.

Source: KALEO X account

Another token that is quickly gaining popularity is MOTHER, launched by controversial rapper Iggy Azalea. It was launched only five days ago and already gained almost 2000% over the weekend. It continues to attract public attention and may grow further in the coming days.

Moral of the story: fame is an abundance that lasts to the same corners.


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