Ledgity: Virtuous Tokenomics Serving Crypto Communities!

The recent launch of Ledgita marks a long-awaited move towards more virtues in the crypto market. Led by Pierre-Yves Dittlot, a pioneer in the integration of digital assets into wealth management, the platform innovates by firmly embracing community-based tokenomics. A model that averts the speculative excesses that have recently damaged the credibility of the crypto sector.

Pitfalls of unbalanced tokenomics

In the crypto world, recent months have seen numerous IPOs with disproportionate fully diluted valuations (FDVs) and starving initial moves. A combination leading to a speculative boom that benefits primarily institutional investors at the expense of individuals.

A report from crypto exchange Binance recently raised the alarm about these practices. A high FDV indicates a market presence much higher than actual liquidity. This creates conditions for extreme volatility and potential manipulation.

Ledgity, the Tokenomic Antidote for Crypto Communities

To counter these abuses, Ledgity has chosen a protective tokenomics in line with the interests of the crypto community. With a reasonable FDV of $7.5 million and a significant move of over 13%, the $LDY token is meant to be a guarantee of transparency and stability. Pierre-Yves Dittlot’s strategy aims to create a healthy market that inspires confidence in all participants.

Ledgity token $LDY is the heart of this fair community ecosystem. With an initial capitalization of only $525,000 and liquidity of $400,000, the launch is intended to be modest but realistic. The token’s tools, such as sharing the protocol’s profits through its staking program, access to increased returns, and management rights over the protocol, are directly aligned with the needs of the crypto community. Pierre-Yves Dittlot and his team together with Ledgit are proving that another path is possible for a trustworthy and beneficial crypto industry. By putting fairness, transparency and alignment of interests with communities at the center of its tokenomics model, this project paves the way for beneficial recovery. A breath of fresh air that should instill a little more confidence among individual investors, permanently burned by past speculative excesses.

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