CryptoMillions: How to Make X40 in 10 Minutes?

A stunning feat by a cryptocurrency trader

On June 2, an investor staked 60 Solana (SOL), worth around $10,000, to buy a new cryptocurrency called HAPPY. This acquisition was quickly detected by Lookonchain analysis.

Less than ten minutes after the purchase, the investor sold his HAPPY for approximately 2,500 SOL, or almost $400,000. This dazzling operation generated a return of 3,900%, illustrating a rare and exceptional opportunity.

HAPPY was created by a pseudonymous user known as bazingahappy. According to available information, bazingahappy initially acquired a large portion of the cryptocurrency supply for around $14,000 in SOL. However, he said he was not the author of this impressive transaction.

Doubts remain about the origins of this operation, with many in the crypto world suspecting that it was an insider act orchestrated by an insider.

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Not the only happy one

Another crypto investor achieved a remarkable performance in just five hours. This investor turned $126 into $164,589, an increase of 1,891 times his initial investment.

An investor bought $MOTHER tokens, a cryptocurrency launched by celebrity Iggy Azalea. By closely following announcements on social platforms, he was able to purchase tokens as soon as the contract address was revealed on X. In just five hours, his token value reached six zero figures.

Moral of the story: In crypto, it only takes 10 minutes to go from shadow to light. $10,000 turns into $400,000 or $126 explodes to $164,589. That’s the magic of the market!


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