Solana will break $400, but when?

Solana dépassera les 400 $, mais quand ?

Solana: for $400 While this year 2024 Solana reached a record in terms of market capitalization, the token price is still expected to exceed its 2021 ATH ($260). And according to the analyst CryptoBulletsoon it might be. In fact, because the analyst looked at the medium term for Solano and his SOL, and it could … Read more

Bitcoin halving alert: how are whales reacting?

Alerte au halving Bitcoin : comment les baleines réagissent-elles ?

Analysts and market watchers therefore want to understand first and foremost how these major crypto players are positioning themselves before an important milestone that has had an impact on the price of Bitcoin and market dynamics in the past. Despite bearish conditions, whales are buying Recent data from blockchain analytics platforms such as CryptoQuant and … Read more

Opportunity alert: ADA can take 75% if this signal is confirmed

Alerte opportunité : ADA peut prendre 75 % si ce signal se confirme

Hope for the ADA Like the rest of the cryptocurrency market, Cardano (ADA) has undergone a significant correction in recent days. According to data from Coinmarketcap, the tenth crypto’s market value fell by 23.03% in one month, accelerating its decline by 16.96% in the last seven days. However, technical analysis experts remain optimistic about the … Read more

Cosmos Astroport is migrating to a new channel and launching a new ASTRO token

Astroport de Cosmos migre vers une nouvelle chaîne et lance un nouveau token ASTRO

This change represents a significant milestone for Astroport as it brings new features and potentially enhanced opportunities within the Cosmos ecosystem. ASTRO and xASTRO tokens are now available on Neutron The platform released new versions of its neutron-based control token ASTRO and its counterpart xASTRO. Holders of old ASTRO and xASTRO tokens must therefore convert … Read more