This RWA cryptocurrency is up almost 40% in one week!

Cette crypto RWA s’envole avec près de 40 % en une semaine !

This increase in the price of the RWA OM cryptocurrency follows months of consolidation since mid-April. Analysts attribute this price increase to new partnerships and technological advancements in the Mantra ecosystem. New partnerships support the growth of this crypto RWA On June 5, Mantra announced an agreement with Zand Bank PJSC, a digital bank licensed … Read more

Bitcoin, ATH in perspective? Analysis from June 4, 2024

Bitcoin, ATH in perspective?  Analysis from June 4, 2024

After two consecutive weeks of growth, the price of Bitcoin is going through a consolidation phase. Let’s analyze the future prospects of the BTC price together. Bitcoin (BTC) price situation. Bitcoin is still mid-term between $60,000 and its all-time high near $73,500. After regaining momentum from the bottom of this range, Bitcoin regained its resistance … Read more

Bitcoin and Starkware: A technological revolution is underway

Bitcoin and Starkware: A technological revolution is underway

Fri June 7, 2024 ▪ 4 min reading ▪ acc Evans S. Bitcoin, the first and most famous cryptocurrency, is about to undergo a major transformation. Starkware, a pioneer in zero-knowledge systems, recently announced plans to use its innovative technology to improve Bitcoin’s scalability. This initiative promises to revolutionize the Bitcoin protocol and open new … Read more

Bitcoin: an ever-increasing explosion?

Bitcoin : l’explosion de plus en plus imminente ?

Bitcoin: $75,000 as a starting point? As the sixth month of 2024 has finally begun, it’s time to look ahead to the future of Bitcoin’s price. And as usual, there are bullish predictions on all sides. According to Ali Martinez, an analyst at BeInCrypto, Bitcoin could approach $75,000 very soon. Such an increase would also … Read more

Crypto: May sees $2 billion inflow into funds

Crypto: May sees $2 billion inflow into funds

Tue 04/06/2024 ▪ 5 min reading ▪ acc Evans S. The month of May 2024 represents a key period in the history of crypto investments. A massive inflow of capital reaching $2 billion into crypto funds was observed, which is a clear sign of investor confidence in these digital assets. This phenomenon, mainly supported by … Read more

CryptoMillions: How to Make X40 in 10 Minutes?

Crypto millions : Comment faire X40 en 10 minutes ?

A stunning feat by a cryptocurrency trader On June 2, an investor staked 60 Solana (SOL), worth around $10,000, to buy a new cryptocurrency called HAPPY. This acquisition was quickly detected by Lookonchain analysis. The trader earned 2,414 $SOL($398,000) in less than 10 minutes right now! He spent 60 $SOL($9,914) to purchase 89.18 million $HAPPYand … Read more