A new meme coin makes a sensational entry into the top 100 cryptocurrencies

A new meme corner is coming

No rest for the sector and the corner with a new success for the newcomer. While one such token is just making room, another is already coming. After WIF, BOME or even the same corners bearing the likeness of Donald Trump, another DOG is making a place for himself.

A new meme coin named DOG-GO-TO-THE-MOON (PES) has just entered the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

DOG/USD – CoinMarketCap.

For once, this same dog corner has landed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Thanks to a very nice increase of 15.25% at the time of writing, the token entered the top 100 cryptocurrencies and occupied the 97th position. Its interest among traders is also noteworthy, as the volume of trades increased sharply, by 84.36%. Unlike PEPE or Shiba Inu, this token does not have so many zeros to remove to reach a dollar, as its price is very close to 0.0086 cents.

The same coin thus, thanks to its success, revives attention to the Runic protocol of the Bitcoin blockchain, which quickly fell into oblivion. After all, the same coins are a guarantee of success or a guarantee of hype these days.

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Do some people have something to worry about?

Despite only being around for a few days, the token isn’t having much trouble getting people talking about it. Moreover, it could very quickly join the club of even “billionaire” coins in terms of market caps, with “only” $150 million to raise.

While still very, very far from the major even corners of the DOGE (22.9 billion) SHIB (14.4 billion) market, DOG is quickly closing in on BOME, one of the newest additions.

After BOME, whose market cap is still less than a billion dollars, we will have to deal with BONK, the 53rd cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of 2.18 billion dollars, then FLOKI.

For “improvements”, DOG will always be able to count on multiple listings, which probably shouldn’t take long if trading volume is maintained. Since crypto exchanges generally like hyped cryptocurrencies.

Currently, this new meme coin is only available on platforms like Bitget or Gate.

Moral of the story: the top of the same coins, a rating that quickly becomes obsolete.


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