24h Crypto: On The Way To An Ultra Bullish Week For These Projects?

Some bad news is flooding cryptocurrencies

Let’s start this part with a negative: The month of June is now upon us, and while it has often been bullish for the crypto market, it may not be bullish for all tokens. Five of them are currently preparing for a possible sharp fall.

Meanwhile, NFTs are also in the dark after having a dismal May. Their volume has dropped considerably and so has their price, with some projects being particularly worrisome!

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Is Bitcoin finally opening to an uptrend?

You will no doubt agree that the Bitcoin price has left something to be desired for several weeks. However, cryptocurrency experts still have high hopes for the future.

bitcoin exchange rate
Source: monthly BTC price according to CoinMarketCap

more precisely, signs of a parabolic rise in 2020 are slowly piling up around the little orange coin. So it looks like a big blowout is on the way with very specific price targets.

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Solana conditional on the opening of its ETF?

Ethereum ETFs had barely hit the market before Solana joined the ranks of major altcoins requiring their own exchange-traded fund. But will it really help skyrocket its price? ChatGPT has a rather surprising take on the matter.

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Another new breath of life for the same corners?

It is clear that meme coins continue to attract cryptocurrency investors. After another unexpected action by the trader Roaring Kitty, known for dumping GME shares and the token of the same name, experts expect another week of explosion. This is especially true for some well-known pieces in this category.

Source: Roaring Kitty’s X account

During this time, The Shibarium blockchain also steals the show with the deployment of a new update. An element that had little effect on the market and on SHIB!

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Binance crypto surprises again

Any news related to Binance always has its little effect on the crypto sector and this time there was no shortage of it! A famous exchange has just announced the removal of four tokens during the month of June with immediate implications for the industry.

During this time, its founder Changpeng Zhao begins his controversial prison sentence… but that doesn’t stop the stock market from being mired in a new scandal.

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Moral of the story: hope is not a formula but a practice for cryptocurrencies.


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